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Mike & Jeri Malecha
About Us 

Hi, our names are Mike and Jeri Malecha.  We would like to share our story on how we found this wonderful company, this company and how it has changed our lives.


When we met 20+ years ago, we did all the wrong things.  We didn't worry about our health, because you're young, strong and weight control was the last thing on our minds.


Together we had a few health problems, kidney stones, blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc..  Then one day Mike went to the Doctor and he said you are borderline diabetic.  Boy did that scare him and given that both sides of our family had health issues that included Cancer, Strokes, Heart Disease and Diabetes, it was time to deal with our weight.  Also, we are both in our forty's with no parents because of these diseases.


In 2004 both of our weights blossomed.  It happened because of a lot of stress in our life.  So we purchased another treadmill, (yes we had a clothes hanger already), but we wanted to work out together.  Even though we were exercising and watching what we ate, our weight didn't go down. 


Our bodies were so out of whack, (vitamin deficient, and yeast overgrowth), that whatever we were doing was not working. 


About this time we met Cory Czepa, (personal trainer).  He put us on the Weight Management program, exercise.  We started in January of 2005 and we started losing weight right away.  Also it was a couple of months down the road and we realized we hadn't gotten sick, boy was that nice.  By January 2006, we lost a combined weight of 135 pounds and we weren't on a strict diet either. 


As of the time we're writing this, we are still maintaining our weight and are well on our way to reach our ultimate goal.  Now when we go to the Doctor he says that we are doing great.  We are off all prescription medication and feel great.


So after all of that, we would like to help others, because we were there.  We would like to share this amazing company with you.  All of the people in this organization are great people. 


If you are interested in losing weight, becoming healthier or becoming a business partner, while helping others and earn a little (or a lot) of extra spending money, please contact us at 1-507-744-5710 or through our web site. 


Thank you for visiting our web site.  We would love to have you join our family.



Mike and Jeri Malecha


Shaklee Independent Distributors

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Jeri before starting
the Shaklee Weight Loss Program
Mike before starting the Shaklee
Weight Loss Program
Mike & Jeri after starting the
Shaklee Weight Loss Program